One of the most famous braid styles is the poetic justice braids hairstyles. Poeticbraids styles has gained a lot of attention from the movie “Poetic Justice” where in the actress Janet Jackson in 90’s made these poetic braids styles look cool and trendy and since then this poetic braids styles has become famous worldwide.
The poetic braids styles was already quite famous but the reason for it’s sudden popularity can obviously be credited to the movie and to Janet Jackson but nevertheless it has been part of the African American history and culture for a long time. It was popular among them not for the style or glam factor but rather for the comfort as well as the convenience factor. They preferred to keep their hair in poetic braids styles and than put them in an up-do to finish of the comfortable style.

You might be wondering how to style poetic justice braids, well that query will be easily answered by us right here. Remember that the poetic braids styles is about style and convenience at the same time. The poetic braids styles is both stylish, edgy as well as comfortable to carry all at the same time. Here are simple tips and steps that you need to know and your doubt on How To style poetic justice braids will vanish in a minute.

You must wash your hair before you do the poetic braids styles. It is very necessary to clean your hair and scalp to remove all the dirt and impurities out of your hair to get it ready for the poetic braids styles.
Apply the hair moisturizers to your hair or conditioners to give them luster and nourishment. You can always go for water-based substances like Aloe Vera juice, apple vinegar or distilled water to make it more silky and healthy.

Dry your hair with dryer as poetic braids styles would come out best on dry hair as compared to damp hair. It is advisable to try it on dry hair and not damp hair as it might weaken the hair and you may not be able to achieve the desired result with your poetic braids styles.

Once the drying part is done, next thing to do is to use a tooth comb to detangle your hair and make sure that there are no knots in your hair and ensure all your hair are separated so that your hair is easy to maintain and you can experiment with your hair effectively.

Now, divide your hair into four sections, make sure that these four sections appears like a box. And for this you have to use three large clips to maintain the four sections.

Take the pinch from the first section out of the four sections that you have made. Make small and thin braids while using your fingers and thumb just as the traditional ways of making the braids but in a way that these poetic braids styles must have to be taken from the starting of the forehead.

You have to make sure that the poetic braids styles that you do has to be even as uneven braids would look really ugly and would not appeal at all, in a way it would turn out to be disastrous. Thus you have to be really careful while taking up the pinches for the poetic braids styles.

If you have a short hair then you can always use synthetic hair extinction according to your preference and needs. And if at all you use those synthetic extensions then you got to make sure to attach them with the normal hair and do it in the similar manner as mentioned above in order to have perfect poetic braids styles.
The best part about the poetic braids styles is the fact that even when you feel like you want to remove and untangle the poetic braids styles, you can do it without really spoiling your overall appearance or the quality and texture of your hair. The poetic braids styles can either be done in micro braids style or bigger mega braids style depending on your preference and the convenience factor. Remember that you need to make it tight enough so that it stays but not too tight otherwise it might hurt. The poetic braids styles are the latest rage in the fashion industry.

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