You brush your hair every day, yet when was the last time you paused to think about your brush?
Are you sure you are using the right brush for your hair? So, learn more here.

Choosing the right brush and using it in the most appropriate way makes a big difference in trying to achieve a perfect hairlook!

Whether you want to bring out natural waves, untangle nests of knots or give volume to flat hair, the brush is a precious ally, so
don’t underestimate this choice and find out which brush is right for you!

Paddle , for long or medium-long hair.
Practice to easily detangle knots, thanks to its flat, wide and rectangular shape it is ideal for giving straight hair
a silky and quick fold
 . For those with wavy or thick hair and choose to use the straightener, this brush is perfect for preparing the hair for the passage of the iron.

Round brush
 , suitable for all hair types.
It takes a lot of practice to use this brush well (and strong arms!).
It is used simultaneously with the hairdryer and helps to tame the frizz effect!
The thermal ones have a metal tube that heats up with the heat of the hair dryer, resists high temperatures and guarantees an even distribution of heat and the closure of the scales for a healthy and bright hair.
As an alternative to thermal brushes there are classic onesin wood, with boar or nylon bristles .

The round brushes are available in different sizes, the choice is determined by the length of the hair and the size of the curl or wave you want to create.
The small brush allows you to create tight curls, while the large brush allows you to create wider and softer waves.

Those with short hair choose a round “hourglass” brush with longer, detached bristles.

Wide comb , for combing wet hair.
Wet hair is likely to break more easily , which is why it is also necessary in this case to choose the most suitable tool for hair care, and the wide comb is the right choice in this specific case!
Furthermore, the wide comb helps to evenly distribute the chosen treatment during washing.

Detangling brush , the “classic” suitable for all hair types.
Perhaps the most used , oval-shaped typically made with wide-toothed plastic bristles, which easily untie knots painlessly and easily. As the bristles are compact, they also help add extra volume to fine hair.

Rat tail comb , suitable for all hair types.
Its particular shape, with the straight tip that gives this comb its name, allows you to divide the sections .
Useful for creating perfectly symmetrical hairstyles.

Tangle teezerslatest generation plastic brushes.
Thanks to their dense bristles, but cleverly placed and distributed between them, they are very good for undoing knots easily and without pain (from the English tangle, “tangle”), so much so that they are also perfect for combing little girls.

It is also used by those who wear extensions, as they minimize the risk of breaking them.
It stands out for the ergonomic shape that allows it to be gripped with the whole hand, as well as for the many colors in which it is available.

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