The simple and most satisfying way to modernize your existent hairstyle is to add plenty of layers. Layered is the most popular hairstyle, which most women love to sport in special get together and events. The distinct lengths of the layers give your hair extra texture and volume, whilst surrounding her face and highlighting your beautiful complexion. Layers suit almost every length of hair and every shape of face, given you select the appropriate volume and length of your hair. Today, we decided to give you sharp sense of beautiful layered hairstyles which you easily sport in marriage function, birthday parties, teenage gatherings and special occasions. We have selected 20 trendy hairstyles for layered hair characterizing some fantastic celebrity hairdos to motivate you. Take a look at them and select best one which matches perfectly with your personality.

Miranda Kerr Side-swept Loose Waves Layered Hairstyle

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr looks glowing with her loose waves, side-swept and stunning red outfit. Her long length layered hair has been neatly combed to one side of head and waved for maximum effect. To remake Miranda’s lovely curls, use an electric curler and number of heat protection vaccine to keep your locks healthy and shimmering.

Emma Stone Lovely Curved Bangs Layered Hairstyle

Hollywood icon Emma Stone stuns a medium length blonde hair with lovely, curved bangs. We definitely love her wheat-blonde hair shade and the partly layers that gently structure her face. Emma Stone’s curved bangs finish off her look by highlighting her lovely blue eyes and her fine ink lips.

Kristen Stewart Heavy, Side Swept Layered Hairstyle

Twilight Saga star Kristen Stewart looks stunning with her heavy, side-swept hair. We adore her deep, chocolate blonde hair shade and the sparkly copper streaks that bring her romantic green eyes. This is amazing hairstyle for thick, curly hair with a few thin layers.

Rachel Mcadams Spiked Curls Layered Hairstyle

Red carpet star Rachel McAdams has spiked the teenage girl look with her loose, highlighted curls of blonde locks. We lover her pieced volume and side bangs of her fine tresses. If you are thinking getting Rachel’s hairstyle, remember one thing to keep your short layers below your jawline to praise your face cut.

Jennifer Lawrence Messy Curls & Bushy Bangs Layered Hairstyle

Hollywood beauty Jennifer Lawrence has a short time ago cut her hair into lovely pixie cut, but she used to stun long, messy curls. Jennifer Lawrence looks gorgeous with her caramel-blonde hair and we simple adore the messy texture of her locks. Her bushy bangs highlight the bottom of face by subtly structuring her eyes.

Mila Kunis Layered Stylish Structured Waves Layered Hairstyle

Black Swan famous star Mila Kunis looks cool with her hair in stylish, structured waves. Her hair is slightly parted off-center with thick curls highlighting her eyes. To get Mila Kunis’s famed curls, use an electric curler and a lot of extra-strength hair spray to keep your waves in place whole night perfectly.

Julianne Hough Lovely Long Bangs Layered Hairstyle

Safe Haven star Julianne Hough sports her medium-length layered hair in a lovely haircut with long bangs. We adore her soft, thin bangs and her platinum brown hair shade. Julianne reveals us that you can make a wonderful hairstyle with layered hair – no need to take tension about loose shards of locks, as they put into the fantasy of the look.

Olivia Palermo Shiny And Straight Layered Hairstyle

TV actress Olivia Palermo looks cool and stylish with her super-cute, straight hair. Her beautiful hair are parted in the center and structures her face in soft, silky flatten layers. For super-shiny hair like Olivia Palermo’s use a hair straightener and a best anti-frizzy vaccine to keep the fluff and unruly hair at cove.

Katie Holmes Flirty, Layered Bob Hairstyle

Actress Katie Holmes looks dread look gorgeous and flirty with her short length layered bob hairstyle. Short length hair can look fabulous with layers, particularly if you sport them slightly tousled and pomped full of texture. This haircut is all about the bob cut — go to hairdresser you have faith in when getting your hair short, to prevent mishaps and excessive tears.

Amanda Seyfried Caramel Blonde Curls Layered Hairstyle

Les Miserables actress Amanda Seyfried looks dread drops beautiful with her soft, caramel-blonde curls of hair. Her full of volume blonde hair has been layered in the direction of ends, creating gorgeous curls. This is amazing haircut for long hair, because it gives your hair extra texture and volume.

Cara Delevingne Tousled, Textured Layers Hairstyle

Most popular English model Cara Delevingne looks happy-go-lucky and hot with tousled, textured layers of hair. To achieve Cara’s gorgeous look, ask your hairdresser to spike the ends of your locks for a soft and feathery look. Let go the styling products and hug your inborn hair texture for a messy, happy-go-lucky hairstyle.

Lea Michele Voluminous Curls & Choppy Bangs Layered Hairstyle

Glee singer and actress Lea Michele looks sexy and sticky with her voluminous curls and chunky, choppy bangs. If you have quite thick locks like Lea Michele, experiment plenty of subtle curls beginning at jawline length. We adore Lea’s initials choppy bangs that highlight her eyes and cover up her long forehead.

Jennifer Aniston Long Layered Bob Hairstyle

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston looks stunning with her long, layered bob hairstyle. This up-to-the-minute haircut suits her flawlessly — her hair is cut below her jawline so that it structures her face and the long layers make her more vibrant. Take motivation from Jennifer and some brown accentuates to lighten up your features.

Minka Kelly Super Cute Blow-out Layered Hairstyle

American star Minka Kelly looks lovely with her super-cute blow-cut. Her straight hair is pumped full of texture and sported loose with plenty of face-structuring layers. To achieve thick hair look like Minka’s, use length-strengthen serum (shampoo & conditioner) and hair spray or gel when styling your hair.

Kim Kardashian Long Ash-brown Layered Hairstyle

TV actress and new mother Kim Kardashian looks attractive with her long ash-brown hair. She has few unique layers in her hair that highlight her perfect cheekbones, plus extra emphasizes her face that pair her perfect skin tone.

Blake Lively Lovely Half-up, Half-down Layered Hairstyle

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively looks bright with her hair in a lovely half-up, half-down hairstyle. Her caramel-blonde locks has been pulled backward and secured at the back of her head, leaving open rest of her layered hair loose. She leaves a some unruly hair free to gently structure her face.

Keira Knightley Medium Length Messy Layered Hairstyle

Actress Keira Knightley looks impressive with her medium length, messy hairstyle. Layers are especially favorable for square shape faces as they make softer the cruel angles and fragment the “boxy” shape of a square face. If you want to give extra impression, then sport your hair loose with a side-braid that highlights your eyes.

Miranda Kerr Fancy Brushes Layered Hairstyle

Fashion designer and underwear model Miranda Kerr sports her long chestnut hair in fancy brushes that falls down her back side. This sunning hairstyle is flirty and funny and it makes the most of her gorgeous layers.

Demi Lovato Baggy Ponytail Layered Hairstyle

Pop singer Demi Lovato looks gorgeous with her layered hair in a high, baggy ponytail. Her locks has been teased at the top for extra texture and then pulled back into a hot high ponytail. Layered hair makes a stunning shaggy ponytail that looks flirty, carefree and very girlish.

Zooey Deschanel Nice Waves & Fringed Layered Hairstyle

New Girl star Zooey Deschanel looks lovely with her nice waves and a gorgeous fringed headband. We definitely love the pretty and stylish French fringe that keeps her locks in place an her initials rounded bangs that highlight her stunning blue eyes.

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