Valentine Week List 2017 | Everything You Need To Know!

Valentine Week List 2017 is available now to let you wisely plan your loving week of the year. Valentine’s Day 2017  is going to be one of the biggest event of the year. We are going to see love birds roaming around us all over the weekend. It is better to understand Valentine Week 2017 in details to get your information correct about all the customs of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Week List is not all about how you plan your Valentine’s Day, but to know about everything that happens around the loving day. There are more than 6 different days popular among Valentine’s Day lovers. The Valentine Week 2017 starts from 7th February, 2017 and it is going to end after the Valentine’s Day 2017 on 14th February, 2017.

We have collected and gathered every information about Valentine’s Week 2017 to help you understand the importance of different Valentine Days. Here is everything about Valentine Week 2017 in details:

Valentine Week List 2017 Dates / Days / Schedule

Valentine Week 2017 List

Valentine Week List 2017

The Valentine Week List starts from 7th February, and it consists six different days to get to Valentine’s Day 2017. There are different days ranging from buying chocolates to giving gifts, and from giving Valentine Gifts to Kiss Day, and the list goes on.

Valentine Week List 2017 Days:

  • Rose Day
  • Propose Day
  • Chocolate Day
  • Teddy Day
  • Promise Day
  • Hug  Day
  • Kiss Day

And after all these days, we get to Valentine’s Day 2017 as a final event of the Valentine Week List 2017. As you can notice these are some of the important days of Valentine Week list. There are several things that happen throughout the Valentine Week. We have outlined everything here in this section to get you started with planning your most important date of the year on Valentine’s Day 2017 .

Valentine Week List 2017 Schedule:

valentine week 2017

Valentine Week 2017 Schedule is every simple and straightforward. As mentioned above, you can note down the dates in your calendar to plan everything appropriately this Valentine Week. We are sure you don’t want to mess up with your loving-half this weekend. February is the month of love, care, gifts, and giving.

Importance and True Meaning of Valentine Week 2017

Valentine’s Day has its fair share of importance and history attached with it. Valentine’s Day is preceded by a Valentine’s Week. People all over the world use Valentine’s Day to show their love for their partners, and young couples use them to express their feelings about each other. It is also known as St Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. St Valentine’s Day is a celebrated around the world on 14th February every year.

Valentine Week List 2017

Valentine’s Day is also surrounded by lots of controversies and conspiracies. Many people love to use this day to express their love, while many wait for it show their hateness on this day. You will get to see many people hosting Anti Valentine’s Day feasts. The number of people against Valentine’s Day has increased to a level that caused public to name another week highlighting the Anti Valentine’s Day activities.

Significance of Valentine’s Week 2017

The significance of Valentine’s Day or Valentine Week is in the eye of love couples who celebrate the event throughout the world in month of February every year. We have explained Valentine Week importance in details so you can learn more about each day of the week:

Valentine Week – All About Valentine’s Day 2017

Rose Day  – 7th Feb

Happy Rose Day 2017

Rose Day begins the Valentine Week on 7th February and leads to the Valentine’s Day every year. Rose Day is tied with buying and giving flowers to your loving ones. Love Couples around world try to show their love with buying Red Roses for their love-halfs. You can also buy and give any color of Roses on this day, many decides to go with Red, Yellow, and Pink Roses – depends on the kind of their relation.

Propose Day  – 8th Feb

Happy Propose Day 2017

Propose Day is one of the most romantic day of the year and Valentine Week. The day is full of love sharing memories with love couples all over the world proposing the love half’s. Propose Day following the Rose Day / Flower Day, allow you to reach out your crush and express your love feelings.

Chocolate Day  – 9th Feb

Chocolate Day 2017

If you are following the Valentine Week 2017 correctly, we can assume you are done with giving Red Roses, and done with your proposes. It is time add some sweets in your relationships. Chocolate Day is widely celebrated to give chocolates before Valentine’s Day. Heart Shape Chocolates are one of the top chocolate shapes you will see this day. Everyone will be looking out for the best heart shape chocolates and presents for their sweethearts.

Teddy Day  – 10th Feb

Teddy Day 2017

Everyone likes a teddy bear, especially your girlfriend or female companion. Teddy Day is celebrated by giving Teddy Bear gifts to your sweethearts. Young Love Couples give Teddies to each other, and with digital media, they take selfies to express their emotions.

Promise Day – 11th Feb

Happy Promise Day 2017

Young couple in love outdoor.d.Couple hugging.Young beautiful couple in love staying and kissing on the field on sunset. Soft sunny colors.

Promise Day starts with promising to your counterparts. It is easy to make Promises but hard to keep them. It is more like keeping up to your end with promise of love. Strong promise reflects your love towards the next person. Trust is one of the core element of a strong relationship, couples/teens do make Promises on Promise Day to make their relationship more stronger than before.

Hug Day  – 12th Feb

Hug Day 2017

A hug from your loving one can bright up your day. Hug Day is celebrated to add extra sweet love topping on your relationship. Research has shown hugs can improve your relationship and can take understanding to next level. A good hug is a charming way to express your love and care for your love one.

Kiss Day  – 13th Feb

Happy Kiss Day 2017

Kiss Day can begin with a sweet kiss to your lover or girlfriend/boyfriend. It is celebrated on 13th February every year by young couples. It is finally time to kiss your special person of your life to express your charming love and feelings for them. You can make your partner feel special by giving them extra ordinary kiss of the life.

Valentine Day  – 14th Feb

Valentine's Day 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Couples and Lovers celebrate Valentine Day by spending the whole day with each other to express their feelings. Some people also use this day to give gifts, roses, chocolates, and lots of stuff to their partners. Valentine’s Day 2017 is one of the biggest event of the year.

We have summed up everything about Valentine Week 2017 so you can better prepare yourself to make your loving one’s feel special in this week. Valentine’s Day is followed by several customs and controversies. While people use this day to express their love and feelings for their sweethearts, we have few people who hate Valentine’s Day.

The people against Valentine’s Day has got things to next level and named an entire week after Anti Valentine Week to show their agony about St Valentine Day.

Best wishes for your love week! Happy Valentines Day! We hope you enjoy well with your love partner. We have gathered all this information just to help you in getting more closer to your sweethearts, and if it helped in any way we would feel proud in helping you more.


Anti Valentine Week List 2017

Here is everything you need to know about Anti Valentine Week 2017. Anti Valentine Week is used to express unromantic and heartbroken feelings. Usually, people celebrate this week to recovery from the hard moments they have faced in making out their relationships with loving ones. Anti Valentine Week 2017 starts from 15th February and ends on 21st February.

Anti Valentine Week List 2017

Anti Valentine Week 2017 List:

  • Slap Day
  • Kick Day
  • Perfume Day
  • Flirting Day
  • Confession Day
  • Missing Day
  • Breakup Day

The Anti-Valentine Week brings the unromantic feelings in the air. It is for the heartbroken people who miss their chance to get love like sweet feelings in their life. We have breakdown the Anti Valentine Week schedule in details for you:

Anti Valentine Week Schedule:

Slap Day – 15th Feb

Slap Day begins the unromantic week of the year, Anti Valentine Week. It starts from 15th February to get done with unfruitful relations in your life. Every relation is not a perfect relation. Sometimes we come across the people who are not perfect for us and become the source of pain in the life. The Slap Day is celebrated to get rid of those relationships to get back on life.

Kick Day – 16th Feb

Who wants the negativity in their life? Guess what? No one. Kick Day is one of the perfect day to get rid of negativity and try to seek positivity in your love life. People tend to kick out negative/wrong people and their memories from their life on this day every year.

Perfume Day -17th Feb

Perfume Day is one of the days when you would like to settle the dust between love ones or the one that matters in your life. It is celebrated on 17th February to make your relationships feel fresh again with new scents. You can gift perfume’s on this day to your loving ones.

Flirting Day – 18th Feb

Flirting Day is the best day of February every year, as it allows you to add some fun and sweet love in your life. It is time of the week when you should add some flirt fun in your relation. It is widely celebrated by people who keen to celebrate Valentine Week. You can celebrate Flirting Day by Flirt Day Messages, SMS, Status, and Jokes.

Confession Day – 19th Feb

Confessions can be the toughest task you have to do in your life, but it can bring a great relief to your heart. Confession Day is celebrated by confessing the wrong doings you have done in your past. You can confess and get back on track to improve things between you and your sweetheart.

Missing Day – 20th Feb

Not everyone is celebrating love week with their love ones. Some of us have lost the loving ones, or they are no more in our life. Missing Day is celebrated by bringing the good memories and the feeling of missing the special person of your life.

Breakup Day – 21st Feb

Breakup Day is the last and the most unromantic day of Anti Valentine Week. Breakup overall is a bad thing, but it can be a good thing if you are connected with wrong person in your life. Breakup Day is just a reminder of having options in your life.

Anti Valentine Week ends with Breakup Day on 21st February every year. This ends the Valentine’s Day fever. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see the growing love among young couples or lovers among you. Love is not depended on some day or week. It is one of the greatest, sweetest and charming feeling you can feel in your entire life.

If you are interested in making your Valentine’s Day 2017 more interesting and surprising, you can follow our guide here on Valentine’s Day 2017.

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